Daan Louter

Interactive designer with a passion for code and development. Currently working at The Guardian in London.


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An immersive, rich-media story. It integrates text, video, audio, pictures, and graphics seamlessly - creating an organic, storytelling experience. Text flows over moving pictures, graphics provide context at key moments, and soundtracks bind scenes together. Each media plays to its own strength, adding depth and richness to the feature.

Made at The Guardian

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Interactive Timetable for Rewire Festival

For the Rewire Festival in The Hague I created an interactive timetable which guided the festivalvisitors through the line-up. The timetable contains information about the performing artists including interviews just before the start of their shows. The content was delivered by my colleagues at Eclectro, while I designed and built the platform. The platform was responsive, so people could see it on big screens and on their mobile phones while they were at the festival.

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[Done at Fabrique] – Schooltas (Dutch for Schoolbag) is an iPad app for highschool students. The app allows students to read books, add notes to their personal notebooks and interact with other students or teachers. As an interaction designer, I designed a big part of the flow of the app. Like how users should add, edit, share and interact with notes in the app. Also I designed how the notebook should work. It was a huge project with lots of complexities and interaction issues. It was the goal to make the right choices so the users wouldn't notice there were any issues at all. The app has been enrolled in over 50 classes right now, where the app fully replaces the books. Schooltas has won the Digital Interactive Award 2012 for best community and the Comenius Edumedia Siegel 2012. Yay!

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Online promotion and marketing for Kraak & Smaak

Kraak & Smaak is a Dutch music group that makes funky electronic music. They're quite big in Holland and the USA, because of their single "Squeeze Me", which gathered quite some attention worldwide (at Jimmy Kimmel for example). I manage all the online promotion and strategies. This includes campaigns for new releases, social media strategies, online administration and designing/building the official website and promotion pages.

Interactive Music Ensemble

This is a more fun project. Interactive Music Ensemble is an interactive installation which creates soundscapes based on people moving around in an environment. A webcam analyses movement and position of people, and a Max MSP patch converts it to soundscapes using Ableton Live. Next to that, the participant can step on attributes on the floor to activate beats.

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Urban Explorers festival live mashup

My colleagues at Eclectro did fun, little music sessions with the performing artists during this festival. And we needed a place to bundle these sessions. Therefore I designed and built a mashup-site which automatically (via APIs) collected Vimeo videos, Tweets and Flickr-photos of the festival.

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Eclectro is a prominent Dutch weblog about electronic music. The blog represents quality, originality and innovation. No money involved, only passion and love for music. Next to writing for this blog, I am also taking the lead in all digital things happening on Eclectro. From designing and building the website, live mashups for festivals, to making Spotify apps. We often challenge ourselves to do new things and experiment with reporting and ways of telling stories.

Audio reactive VJ visuals

These are two samples of a visual show I made for the music of Holowave, a friend of mine. The visual style corresponds with the musical style and some components of the visuals also react realtime to the music.